The work begins with acquaintance with the Customer and conducting interviews. On the basis of these data we make a commercial proposal that describes scope and cost of ALTERCASA works and services and develop the target design specification (TDS). At the next one or two meetings we agree on the mode of financing and interaction in the course of works on the project and get TDS approved by the Customer. Based on the collected data and TDS we develop the first edition of the facility creation budget (FCB.1). At the end of this stage we sign a design contract.


After making an advance payment (40% of the design cost) by the Customer we develop the draft of the project (DP) and after its approval by the Customer we present the second edition of the facility creation budget (FCB.2). After the Customer approves FCB.2 and makes payment of the next 40% of the design cost and the full cost of the engineering project we prepare the working documentation for the project (WD). After its acceptance the Customer makes payment of the remaining 20% of the design cost.


Based on the working documentation we conduct a tender for the execution of works. Using the estimates and specifications of the tender’s winner we develop the final edition of the facility creation budget (FCB.3). It includes the full cost of all construction, finishing and engineering works and materials and preliminary specification of the items of equipment. At this stage we develop (and approve with the Customer) a project financial scheme and a project management scheme. After the approval of the project management scheme we negotiate the contracts between the Customer, the General Contractor and subcontractors for each area of the project.

Construction and finishing

Construction and finishing works are financed by the Customer in accordance with the schedule approved by the Customer in FCB.3. After checking the scope of works and their compliance to WD by the corresponding service of ALTERCASA the Customer is given acceptance acts. ALTERCASA project management services cost 12-14% of FCB.3, depending on the complexity, nature and overall scope of the works. These services are charged monthly and paid by the Customer.


After approval of the final facility creation budget the Customer makes an advance payment of 50% of the cost of ALTERCASA services concerning items of equipment. After that we prepare the final specification of the items of equipment. The cost of the ALTERCASA service is 12-14% of the amount of the specification, depending on the complexity. Before sending orders to manufacturers the Customer should make payment of 70% of the cost of the items. Once the items of equipment are delivered to the ALTERCASA warehouse and are ready for shipment to the facility the Customer makes payment of the remaining 30% of the amount in the specification. In addition, the second 50% of the cost of ALTERCASA services for the items of equipment is paid.